An excerpt from a taped interview with Paul and his mother Kate:

Mary: "How old are you?"

Paul: "Eight"

Mary: "Why did you do these drawings?"

Paul: "I've been drawing what I've been seeing, and some just pop into my head, sometimes it's planets, what I see on the ships (space craft), also the beings I see when I'm down here (on Earth). They're walking around, and I see them, but others I don't. Sometimes, I see them in my head, and they talk in my head."

Mary: "When they talk with you what do they say?"

Paul: "My purpose, what I should do, and about things that are good or bad."

Mary: "What do they tell you about your purpose?"

Paul: "My purpose is to help animals make sure people don't mistreat them."

Mary: "How do you know what animals are feeling?"

Paul: "I see pictures in my head or hear it, I can feel their response."
Mary : "Anything else?"

Paul: "Some things I can't tell you about, its too complex."

Mary: "What do you see?"

Paul: "Shapes and forms of beings?"

Mary: "Such as...?"

Paul: "The Mantis, the Lion and this one (Paul points to a drawing of a being he has drawn). He's my uncle, he's an angel."

Mary: "Does that one look like you or me?"

Paul: "No."

Note: Paul made chirping trilling noises, I asked him what the sounds meant: He said these were made by the Manta:Mantid beings who are his family. He also said sometimes on board the space craft he 'evaporated 'into their Manta form for a while.

Mary: "What did that feel like?"

Paul: "I didn't feel I was in a human like body."

Mary: "What does it feel like when you are in the other shape? Do you feel comfortable or strange?

Paul: "I feel strange."

Mary: "So sometimes when you are on the space craft you separate out of your physical body, and go into a Manta body, or does your body change into a Manta body?"

Paul: "It can be either. Sometimes on the craft there is a Manta body to go into. I leave my physical body and evaporate from my human form evaporate into my Manta body."

Mary: "How does it happen?"

Paul: " It looks a bit like steam,"

Mary: "So it looks like steam, how does it happen?"

Paul: "You just think it and it happens."

Mary: "So you can do that?"

Note: Paul also said to me sometimes this soul transfer is like he pixilates into the Mantid form.
In the next excerpt, Paul speaks about his yearly medical on board the space craft. He says that he is taken with two of his school friends, and described being in cylinder pods where he couldn't move, but could see things:

Mary: "Could you see anything from these pods?"

Paul: "I could see the Blue ones (Blue beings) and equipment on their hands, like technology."

Mary: "Why were you in the pods?"

Paul: " They are checking me out. They kept me still by the liquid."

Mary: "What did you feel?"

Paul: "Okay, they are only checking me out, once a year they check us out."

Mary: "Did it hurt?

Paul: "No. I was also learning things. I was in a circle. They (my friends) learnt with me."

Mary: "Your school friends! What were you learning?"

Paul: "Maths and something. It was the air (holographic information) and we were all learning. I could remember but my school friends couldn't remember."

Mary: "Do you get told anything in your mind?'

Paul: "Why we are here."

Mary: "What's the craft like?"

Note: Paul starts laughing, and I ask him why.

Paul: "I'm laughing at the naked aliens. I was in a bubble when I travelled."

Note : We then spoke about some of the 'beings' and shadow 'beings.'

Mary: "The shadows, are they spirits, or extraterrestrials?"

Paul: "I see ET, and spirits, spirits are people I've known (becomes teary, emotional). My ancestors (the Manta) say that I go back to my planet when I die. The great Ancestor is from somewhere else, he is a Manta."

Mary: "They are really important to you?"

Paul: "Yes, the brother Manta is someone I see on the spaceship, sometimes I see him human sometimes, but he is Manta."

Note: Paul mentions he has a young Manta friend who he calls his brother Manta.

Mary: "You see him (brother Manta) in your everyday life?"

Paul: " Yes, at school sometimes, he's a child and sometime in adult form, I've grown up with him."

Star Seeds, Genetic/Soul family
Many children speak of their genetic family as star beings and some are not humanoid; such as Paul who relates to the Mantid:Manta, insectoid species.

Paul: "The Mantid beings are 'my family'. I'm also visited by Lion beings who protect me."

Note: I received extraordinary corroboration of these interactions with the Mantid. Synchronously for me, and while supporting Paul and his family, I was in correspondence with a 52 year old Experiencer in the UK, Simon Parkes. Simon believes his genetic family is the Manta beings, who he calls 'Mantid'. Simon, a town Counsellor, has become very public about his encounters. He has written his own story of his life long encounters with the Mantid and other intelligences including the Lion/Cat beings and Reptilians. It is important to state here that Simon and Paul have not communicated. Yet they both articulated some similar experiences, some extremely specific, as regards their interactions with the Mantid beings, and their understanding that Mantids are their real 'family'."

In one of my sessions with Paul he began to make some unusual trilling/chirping sounds. I was intrigued by this and Paul told me this was the sound the Mantid makes when they are happy. I asked Simon in the UK if the Mantid make any special sounds. Simon confirmed they can make a a kind of trilling when happy with you, and added that it was usually when they held him above their heads as a sign of affection. I asked Paul if they did any specific action when they 'trilled/chirped'. Paul responded, "Yes, they held me above their heads." He said he wasn't scared as it was a sign they were happy with you.

Due to my contacts with Paul and Simon in a similar time frame I was able to get more quite unique corroboration. It related to the experience of 'soul transfer' on board the space craft. It was described to me as the soul-consciousness-essence, left the human 'container-form' and transferred for a time, into the Mantid form. Simon and Paul told me they had experienced this. Simon explained: "During abductions bodies can be temporarily changed or souls transplanted into already existing bodies for short periods of time."

Mary: 'So the soul of the ET may inhabit the human body during an abduction to feel the human emotions?'

Simon: "Yes"

Note: Simon also said that in the Mantid form he was often expected to help humans taken there. Numerous accounts of experiencers who recall " temporarily" inhabiting of a non-human container for a time for certain tasks aboard the space craft. Then returning to their 'human container.'

Shape shifting Mantid, Alternate understanding of human history, and ancient monuments. Interstellar Travel and Star gates:

Paul: "I think I levitated last night: I was in a bubble when I travelled (orb). My Mantid ancestors say that I go back to my planet when I die. The Great Ancestor is a Manta. Brother Manta is someone I see on the space ship, I see him human and sometimes Manta.

Note : Paul mentions information on a number of topics and one was about the Egyptian Pyramids.

Paul: "People built the Sphinx to tell people in the future that 'they' (extraterrestrials) are real, to let them know that there were ET life forms, and all life forms."

Mary: "Ancient Egyptians, what were they like?"

Paul: "The ordinary people were humans. The rulers were 'not human' but like the Cat beings."

Note: Paul also mentions that some galaxies have artificial planets which can be a range of artificial geometric forms.

Paul: "The Dinosaurs were around before the Big Bang."

Mary: "What do you know about the big bang?"

Paul: "They exploded...I don't know how I know."

Note: A catalyst for information, art work Isolation, in my office. This art work is a metallic space art work given to me some years ago, artist unknown. Isolation, signed "PAS 1980". Strangely, this picture has caused a number of experiencers to comment.

Paul, who had the most startling reaction to the picture, couldn't wait to touch it. He jumped up excitedly and pointed to a small planet on the picture and said, "I see this planet on my way past it in a spaceship, the planet is much bigger than in this picture. The central artifact is technology and I pass through it on my way to other Universes. Some of the stars on this picture are artificial and are technology and gateways to other galaxies."

Paul says there are similar such portals on Earth the shape of pyramids and the ships use them to go to other parts of the galaxy.

Isolation drew this comment from Greg, a 32 year old Australian Experiencer: "It is a 'stargate' with each path leading to other universes."