The intimate connection. The human connection to extraterrestrial intelligences does it transcend space and time?

I believe we are trying to explore a MULITVERSE through the eye of a needle.

The Intimate Connection

The human connection to extraterrestrial intelligences does it transcend space and time?

I believe we are trying to explore a MULITVERSE through the eye of a needle

Broadening the mandate of Contact:

The majority of the public and most researchers believe that Contact or encounters with extraterrestrials are defined through two, very limited windows of Contact experience. Firstly, the Abduction scenario, when the individual may feel paralyzed, and taken in a trance, a deep sleep-like state on-board craft. Secondly, the contactee, whom has full conscious recall of their Encounter. My research however, suggests a third far broader category, which is far more common and less physically intrusive. It encompasses some of the above, but embodies more subtle patterns of experience. If we broaden the mandate to be inclusive of this third category, we stand to gain a far more fascinating picture of Contact and how or why these intelligences are interacting with us.

In this article I explore all forms of Encounters and ask why research with Experiencers of Contact with these intelligences; offer such diverse and conflicting data. What approach is the best for the Experiencer seeking answers and verification of their encounters? I explore the benefits of the holistic approach to gathering data. The misconceptions regarding data revealed by hypnosis, and question, if extraordinary data, is confabulation, fantasy, or potentially demonstrating a new reality: a multi-verse. The testimony from Experiencers, challenges not only consensus reality, but our dearly held religious and spiritual beliefs, and demonstrates an intimate and complex association with extraterrestrials, a connection that spans both space and time, including the realms and dimensions of soul.

The broader context of encounters and what makes contact with extraterrestrials real?

It is my belief that the extraterrestrialencounter, when it occurs consciously or in an altered trance state, and involves a communication with non human intelligences, and subsequently changes the perceptions and world view of the individual, is Contact. Although the term abductee and contactee are synonymous with extraterrestrial encounters, in my opinion the third category is far more widespread. It is subtle, part physical and can be experienced in an out of body or dream state (OBE) where the interaction and encounter is with the spirit or soul body of the individual. This OBE Contact, cannot be confused with normal dreams, despite its dream like quality, mainly because it's easily recalled, months or years later. Normal dreams however, are soon forgotten, seconds or minutes after waking. Communication in this dream state, and also when the individual is conscious, is telepathic, and sometimes experienced as downloads of data. These individuals generally do not seek conventional help, despite feeling isolated, they are fully cognizant such experiences, if vocalized, may incite ridicule or at worst a psychiatric label. A big difference between Encounters is that in the Abductee can feel angry, traumatized and victimized, but the third category of Encounters feel the opposite. They feel their own species is alien and the extraterrestrials are family. They experience a huge sense of isolation, and are appalled by the primitive, destructive behavior of the human species, and cannot relate to it. I use the term, 'Homo Noeticus', The New Human, or Star Children, for this third category. What all Encounters have in common is that their interaction becomes transformative. The challenge to their consensus reality through these Encounters acts as a catalyst and triggers awareness of a multidimensional reality, which changes their lives, and perceptions of reality forever.

The open mandate, exploring the unknown.

Just observe, drop all your pre-conceived categories as best you can, and just collect raw information. Don't even use words like happened or didn't happen, exist or doesn't exist, inside outside, real or unreal, just put that all aside and collect raw data.

Thomas Kuhn, Author, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, (1962)

This mandate articulated by Thomas Kuhn may be controversial, but I believe he is correct for this phenomenon, because we are attempting to understand something profoundly complex, through a window of human experience, the subjective human lens, limited by human programming. We do not have the information available to assess some of this data from our present consensus reality. If we wish to understand ourselves, these experiences, the complex psyche, methodology and programs of many different life forms visiting this planet, intelligences potentially years, or centuries ahead of us in technologies and spiritual awareness. We have to be totally open to what we don't know, and collect 'raw' data. By raw data, I mean information which may not fit into the consensus reality or scientific models at present. Unedited data collated without personal bias and simply documented from these sessions without prejudice, or leading questions.

If we are open to explore this raw data, as potentially valid, despite its controversial nature, and from all types of Encounters, we may gain a clearer understanding of what we don't know. Extra-ordinary data has been uncovered by many researchers and therapists, but it is often dismissed as confabulation or a product of over active imaginations, because it conflicts with present consensus reality. My difficulty with this approach is simple; it supposes we know what we don't. In our ignorance, we have to question if we are capable of judging what is valid! The open mandate allows for exploration of unedited data with the potential to offer greater understanding of this human experience, but also new information about who we are, and the nature of reality. The veracity of the data comes in the form of consistent patterns of experience, when sourced by hundreds of psychologically sound individuals. I propose it would be unscientific not to seek similar patterns, and collate and research what it conveys.

As a researcher and therapist, working with 1800 cases, I discovered that my client's accounts have challenged all my dearly held beliefs, just as it challenged theirs. I learnt that if I was to explore unchartered waters, I had to first acknowledge how little I know. Otherwise I may be inclined to accept only data that complied with what I know, and in my ignorance, throw the proverbial 'baby out' with the bathwater. The open mandate was an approach which proved to be extremely useful to the client also, because it gave them permission to explore whatever their conscious and subconscious revealed to them, without fear of judgment. It also gave them an opportunity to gain new insights and understanding, for their healing and integration. This freedom to explore was facilitated by knowing I was totally open to what they vocalized, and would not interfere or judge either them or the information revealed this way.

Conscious and subconscious recall. The validity of hypnosis, can our subconscious 'if allowed' tap into what may be the true nature of reality?

The conscious recall of experiences has always been accepted to have more validity. I query this supposition, and ask if this is really accurate in all cases. I believe that conscious recall can be more limited than the subconscious recall, because it is colored, and edited by the analytical left brain and its third dimensional programming. Author of Abducted and Passport to the Cosmos, Dr John Mack a renowned, and respected, former Harvard Professor of Psychiatry, studied this phenomenon in depth. Dr Mack, believed subconscious data revealed though hypnosis was far more accurate than conscious recall. It was his belief the subconscious reveals data without the conscious edit, so potentially it could be far more accurate. I agree.

Conscious recall is extremely helpful, but offers a limited picture, whereas hypnosis allows for unedited data to surface, which could add so much more information to our limited data base. Although, hypnosis, like any tool, can be misused and relies on the understanding, training and integrity of the facilitator. In skilled and professional hands, it is an excellent tool and offers an invaluable window into the human psyche. If we can suspend judgment on the data revealed this way, we have the opportunity to learn about new patterns of human experience. And if we remain open to what we don't know, we can avoid throwing 'the baby out' with the bathwater.

But many argue how can we verify the 'integrity' of such extraordinary data? Especially, if it challenges most of consensus reality? I have found that even though the Experiencer from a conscious level may be conflicted by the data, it seems that at some deeper level it 'resonates' and makes sense to them. By resonates, I mean, it creates an emotional or bodily response to the data, a gut feeling that feels correct to them.

As a researcher I follow the same mandate as Dr Mack, who has stated on numerous occasions, that we can seek patterns of experience, and if a significant number of individuals vocalize the same data, independently, then it must have integrity, and needs to be further explored, and collated.

Conflicting and diverse research data, why is this?

There are so many varied and conflicting hypotheses in regards to our understanding of Contact. I believe this stems primarily from the focus and level of research. For example, researchers who only accept conscious recall as valid, and discount data revealed by hypnosis.

The other variables:

* Evaluation of what constitutes 'acceptable' data.

* Inexperience of the researcher or therapist.

* The depth of the enquiry or focus.

* The type of questions.

* Disinformation by covert black ops.

* MILAB abductions. (See notes at bottom of this article).

* Researchers with a personal bias or agendas.

See article (2011) by Carol Rainey. This honest expose of two previously highly regarded researchers. Rainey exposes their unprofessional approach to collating of data and treatment of individuals. Consequently, provide damaging and erroneous conclusions.

Awakening Chapter 6; Who can I trust to help me?

For the Experiencer faced with sourcing help for their encounters it is a very limited resource base. The research field of Ufology has had more than its fair share of incompetence, due to the way it's perceived as non valid by mainstream. It means that support for the Experiencer is mixed, often amateur and most often inadequate, because of the dearth of non-professional resources. Coupled with this, is the difference in focus between the researcher and therapist/researcher.

A researcher primarily uses scientific protocols and scientific models of reality, to decide what is tangible and acceptable data. This protocol may accept, exploration of scenarios, such as type of beings etcetera, to prove that the encounter occurred. However, this limited protocol without further exploration, most often leaves the individual feeling 'victimized,' or worse, re-traumatized, with little understanding. I have met numerous individuals, who years later cannot speak about their encounters, without pain and fear, because of this limited approach. The therapists' focus is primarily on understanding, integration and healing. It can be open to explore less quantifiable data, and offers understanding and answers, even as it sometimes challenges present beliefs, with an alternate perspective on their Encounters which facilitate healing, acceptance and integration.

Exploring the multi-verse

This phenomenon asks us to be courageous and challenge consensus reality, to be 'wise' enough to accept what we don't know. Cognizant that our present understanding of reality is being framed by a science in transition. Concepts such as Quantum Reality, the Holographic Universe, Unity Consciousness, theories which suggest that everything is interconnected through consciousness. This is very similar concept, to what those with Encounters convey, but experientially. Their experiences demonstrate this alternate multifaceted paradigm which could prove to be the 'true nature of reality'. I feel that we as a species are being challenged by such Contact to relinquish our old reality programs. Encounters, a modern day 'shamanic experience', designed to break down outmoded programs of reality and allows for us to become fully conscious and operate in a multidimensional reality. In Awakening I discuss this as the 'realization event'; when the person finally accepts that the old paradigm no longer works as they embrace the new one. It can be terrifying to have all your beliefs of reality challenged and to accept an expanded reality. But like the apprentice shaman, they face their ultimate fears, to explore and cope with a multidimensional perspective of reality. The shamanistic experience was found to be parallel in outcome, to Encounters, bringing transformative, heightened psychic and healing abilities to the individual.

'Shamanism and Alien Abductions A Comparative Study', Simon Harvey Wilson (2000)

The dimensions of soul

As we explore these potential realities, we find some Encounters suggest that these intelligences may work or interact in dimensions of non-physical realities, such as the dimensions of soul. This encompasses Contact or communications with them, prior to our present physical incarnation, exampled by what Dr Michael Newton describes in his book, Destiny of Souls, the life-between-life, soul state. Furthermore, my research suggests this interaction may also continue after we physically die. Testimony recounts that after our present human incarnation, we may remain involved with these Intelligences. Interactions throughout what we would term, time and space. I explore some of these extraordinary accounts which are consistent, and seem to surface at the deeper level of hypnosis. They illustrate interactions which seem to have no limits in the space time continuum. I have no way to personally verify any of this data. Again, my mandate as a recorder of such data and as Dr John Mack, suggested I have collated these patterns of experience, for consistency and corroborative data. But, if true, indicate interactions/encounters not only in physical form, but when we are separated from our physical body, such as in an astral or out of body (OBE), soul state. But added to this seems to be interactions through many lifetimes, and the in-between-lives and before our present human incarnation. Encounters which continue after our present physical life ceases. So to all intents and purpose the interactions are in both physical and non physical through many timelines, as we are educated and assisted in physical realms and the realms and dimensions of soul.

This information is profound and answers for one of the most pressing of questions asked by the Experiencer, especially if they have felt victimized by their encounters. To their astonishment, when the question regarding consent is asked, they may be shocked to discover this permission was given, before their present human incarnation. They describe themselves as an intelligence, which appears to them to look like a bright orb of light, their soul essence. They vocalize: "I agreed, but it was before I came here". Some add, "I have a job to do. To assist in the evolution in human consciousness". Hundreds have verbalized such statements.

I recall sharing this information, with one well known author and fellow researcher. He totally dismissed the data, and argued this information is a form of delusion, a program instilled by these Intelligences hoping to trick the individual into accepting their encounters. I find that explanation very difficult to believe, given how my clients resonate at some deep level. The fact that it makes so much sense to them. I question who is paranoid. Do we trust or negate what resonates to the Experiencer, or what we as observers prefer to believe? I do not have the answers, I do not pretend I have, but I do have concerns when anyone articulates such a mandate, without any data to prove such a negative and fear based perspective is unhelpful to this research.

Whoever sets himself up in the field of truth and knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the Gods. Albert Einstein

My research to date demonstrates that the highest percentages of encounters are supportive, loving and consensual.

" As far as my own contact experiences I became very compassionate towards the ET beings as there is much humans can learn and benefit by interacting with them. I was fearful of my experiences only when I realized that I seemed to be the only one having them. I didn't know what was going on or why. But there has always been an 'equal' exchange. I helped them achieve their genetic goals and in return my healing and psychic ability, plus my life on earth and so on has been enhanced. They also protect me when I ask them to. Basically at the start I misunderstood the Greys. The knowing "ET" part of me initially made a decision to assist them and understanding of this can be overshadowed by fear which stems from our limited human perceptions and reactions to these experiences".

Tracey Taylor, Experiencer, (24) Western Australia.

The soul domain

If we are open to what we don't know, it leads us into some fascinating hypotheses. The OBE encounter, where many individuals perceive themselves as 'orbs', or spheres of light. They describe leaving their body as an 'orb of light', in metaphysical terms called a 'merkabah'. This happened to the Experiencer below:

A beautiful space, I love it, it is my home, we are everything, I'm every shape, I was a born soul, just beautiful, with energy, the energy of the soul, we create you create, I'm liquid, I'm fluid, I can go here or there, like a bubble, this is the form of soul

Peter, Experiencer (60) Sydney, Australia

The 'orb' of light is suggestive of the 'soul state' when travelling out of body. In some encounters, people relate that their partner cannot be woken up, no matter how they called out to them, shouted or shook them. In regression hypnosis, I had one explanation. The 'awake' person, perceived an orb of light entering the bedroom a bright, greenish 'orb'. It moved about the room, and it was so strange and scared the person. Very soon after it appeared, the sleeping person awoke. In regression this orb of light proved to be the astral body or OBE 'soul state' of the sleeping person, returning to their physical body.

In another instance, it was demonstrated that we may inhabit other 'life-forms' while in this OBE state. An Experiencer, one of what I call a Star seed, felt she had 'dual consciousness' articulated as part human, part ET. In regression, she described being on-board a craft, saw herself in the form of a Grey being, working as a scientist. I asked, where her human form was located. She answered, it was on the craft but inanimate, while her consciousness inhabited her 'ET self'. I asked how she returned to her human body. She described, a ball of light leaving her extraterrestrial form to re-animate her human body. She said it was like she changed one biological overcoat for another. Many other individuals have experienced this swapping of physical form to an extraterrestrial form when in an OBE state.

This research offers an insight that demonstrates an extraordinary perspective of our intimate connections to these intelligences, and invites more questions as to the true nature of reality. It examines concepts such as interspecies genetic links, individuals told they may have DNA from one or more extraterrestrial life forms. Links that transcend space time, and interactions with souls before and after human incarnation. Some extraordinary data came from a 15 year old boy, I worked with in the UK in 2008, when on a lecture tour. The data was intriguing, especially given the age of the young man. There were many fascinating aspects to the case, and I did hypnotic regressions with two members of a family of four. They had a joint encounter, and experienced 'missing time'. I regressed the grandmother, which was extremely successful in dealing with her long held fears, fears she finally released through this process. Her 15 year old grandson I will name John. (Not his real name). John was very uncertain he wanted to have hypnosis, fearful of what he would discover. However, the positive, healing outcome for his grandmother, encouraged him to proceed. In the regression he spoke about the profound nature of what he termed, 'new souls'. We have to be reminded this was a 15 year old boy speaking about concepts he had no awareness of consciously. In one encounter with the Grey's, he also recognized his departed relatives, describing them appearing as 'orbs' of light. He said they were there to support him, to stop him being frightened. The below is a transcript excerpt of this amazing session.

Mary: "Tell me what you are seeing".

John: "I am in a car, left of the front seat, mum's driving, about 5.30pm. I can see chimneys and stone walls and fields, and a red car, we overtake the red car..............Weird, there is a 'Grey' standing in the road, now there is two. Not tall, about 4 ft, no clothing. They are not like you see them, they are more complex, nice and more friendly than you imagine, more curious. They are smiling, they are more human than you think.............We are now outside the car standing at the door, they are curious we are touching, it's both ways, they feel like dolphins no more like a snake but smooth we touch each other..............They are saying hello".

Note: John also relates the Grey's speak to him in his mind. He then recalls he has seen them before when he was 3, 5 and 7. The interesting comment as to the 'feel' of the Grey's, gives this extra veracity. A similar comment was articulated by 4 year old boy, who spoke about the 'aliens' coming to play with him at night. He commented he didn't like them touching him because they felt like dolphins. We have to question how both these boys could 'know' what dolphins feel like.

Information from Dr Michael Wolf author of 'The Catchers of Heaven', a highly credentialed man with top security clearance claims he interacted and worked with several types of extraterrestrials in secret facilities. In a You Tube interview, he also commented the Grey's he had met had 'dolphin like skin', and share an evolutionary link with dolphins.

Mary: "What happens next?"

John: "We are above the world, I don't know, (confused) sitting in the car......"

Mary: "Where are you now?"

John: "In the craft, it's like a bubble, there are two Grey's, I can't see through the craft though, it was next to the car and taken off over the chimneys, like the floors do not have a reflection, it's a bubble with a yellow tint, people can't see in, we go over the chimneys and over the hill."

Mary: "What happens next?"

John: "Feel content, there are two Grey's and there are 4 or 5 little ones, they are younger ones, they are learning. The light is behind me, they are just tipping their heads and looking at us."

Mary: "Where are they taking you?"

John: "They say it's Orion."

John continues this discussion by asking the beings spontaneously, "How long did it take?". The being replies with, 'Three days'. At the session John questions the information by saying, "But that's ridiculous - there is no time, it's like it's sewn up time, they go into our time." The journey continues for John, "They take us to a place that's not nice, they show me its devastation, they say that they are showing us because it's unpleasant and they don't want us to end up like that place".

Later in the regression I ask John why they have been 'picked up' this time.

John: "To kick start us."

Mary: "Why are they interested in you?"

John: "I've got a job to do.......................Change the world."

Mary: "How?"

John: "I don't know, I'll know when I am ready. I am just being educated. The world's going to change in Dec.."

Mary: "Dec?"

John: "Dec 2012."

Mary: "Have you any more questions?"

John: "Why me?........Oh, I chose to do it, I volunteered to come back, I chose to do this. The two Grey's, they are still with me, they say, stay on track, I have been here 27 times before."

One of the issues for John was his fear of his encounters. He wanted to understand the origin of his fear. It began in another encounter. He said: "The 'Grey beings' arrived when I was in my garden." Then John goes on to exclaim: "I can see orbs, whitey gold and two smaller ones, they are here to make me feel warm, they are family! The big one is great nana, and the other nanna's dad, (grandfather) and granddad's brother. They are here to make me feel reassure me."

I asked him how he knew what the 'orbs of light' were. John said, he just knew. I asked him why they are there with him. He replied, they had come with the Grey's to support him, to make him feel comfortable, so he wouldn't be frightened. John then said that when the 'Grey's left with the 'orbs of light', they went onto the space craft too!

John: "They do not mean to frighten us."

John continued to explain that the Grey's returned to reassure him, because some 'robotic' looking beings had arrived to investigate him, in a triangular craft. He told me they looked like the ET image, that he saw in the crop circle, referring to one with an Alien face, from the 2002 Crop Circle season. John said, after the Grey's left him, these beings arrived. He said: "They scared the hell out of me. But, they are 'starters,' just starting the cycle, they are 'new souls.' They have no emotion, they try to get to you because they want to share your experience. But they can't have it. I am not scared now, they are just new souls. They are not going to harm me. They have a dark energy, because they are just starting, just empty, they are not allowed to scare you, just not allowed to come near you, and can't have your energy, you need the light to do your job."

After this regression, John shared with me some thoughts on the process of hypnosis:

"I am not making it up, it feels like it's coming from somewhere else. Amazing, I remember everything, and it's comforting to know what frightened me was just new souls, you are just scared because it's unknown to you, but there is no need to be scared. I felt sorry for them, the reason I was scared was the atmosphere around them, fresh brand new souls, no karma, they have no experience, empty souls. We are more 'full souls'."

From a 15 year old boy, this information is astounding. It had an impact upon me because it discussed concepts quite unfamiliar to his conscious mind. Such as the number of his human incarnations, his role on this planet with a 'job to do'. The encounter with his whole family, he said was to 'kick start' them. The accounts of souls newly formed, trying to access him, and causing him fear, mainly because he didn't understand, but realizing that they did not want to cause harm, just curious. This account through hypnosis provided not only answers and understanding and for John, it released his fear, just as it had for his grandmother. But, it also changed how they understood themselves and their encounters forever.

At this point I would just like to clarify that there may be some link with the mystery of the 'orbs' (not to be confused with dust particles), which have become so prevalent on digital pictures. These orbs, all colors and shapes and sizes, have appeared in photographs in sacred sites and after people meditate. Some individuals are able to see these amazing orbs with normal eyesight, and can tell you where to point the camera. Orbs have also been filmed moving, these can be seen in the DVD 'Orbs the Veil is Lifting" which explores the Orb phenomenon, as does The Orb Project, a scientific study by Miceal Ledworth LLD and Klaus Heinemann PhD. They do seem to interact with the individual and the camera, to show some sentiency. I personally have taken many different colored orbs and have even mentally requested a blue one to appear, it did. But for those that have investigated this phenomenon, a suggestion that some could be 'inter-dimensional intelligences, or spirits. It is just possible that the camera with its ability to access a broader spectrum of light could be showing us how we manifest in the soul state. The Aborigines, for example call the 'min min' lights, the souls of their ancestors. Maybe the camera is showing us the same thing.

Josh, an Experiencer from Western Australia, had this to say of his astral encounter on an extraterrestrial craft from a soul perspective.

"I astrally visited the large ship with many other souls, there were a huge variety of beings, they were playful and incredibly wise, and were able to shift their form at will, from a humanoid shape to a ribbon of I saw them they seem to be composed of effervescent bubbles of energy."

Helen Sanderson lives in the UK, and is about to have a book on her experiences published. Recently she wrote to me after reading about Suzanne's account and told me of her daughter, Fay. "My daughter was 14, when she told me for the first time she was an abductee, and came out with the most shocking discourse on her experiences. She said before she was born, the ETs separated her embryo from my body on several occasions, in order to make adjustments that would allow her to live as easily on the craft as down here. They do this by separating the soul from the body by means of spinning the merkabah layers (rings) around our body in different directions and at different speeds, then separating the Soul from the body. This is what happens in a lot of cases of abduction: the soul is taken and the body left behind, but when they are re-introduced the soul 'remembers' its handling/tweaking and displays the memory of this on the body in the shape of bruises etc. At the same time, she also told me the ET's taught her telepathy when she was 18 months old, which is why she doesn't speak much - she just finds it easier."

Hayley, who reflects much of what I have heard from those I call, 'New Humans'.

Hayley says, "I kept getting messages that they were close ... .......that I was totally safe, because they loved me. .........species shift, were the altering me and others, the shift would move like a wave through our species....... Some kind of inner connection we all made me feel like I had found God."

Janet E. Colli Phd. 2004 Sacred Encounters page 68 Hayley

Why are we so important to the extraterrestrial intelligences?

A complex extraterrestrial program, genetic links, multilevel educational programs, coupled with soul interaction, is not congruent with a subversive agenda. Even to my limited human logic, that is nonsensical. Extraterrestrials have technology to take us out in a nano-second if that was their desire. No, these Encounters suggest a far different hypothesis, something far more profound, and the reward is transformation of consciousness.

"Things are only impossible until they're not!

Dr Michael Wolf: The Catchers of Heaven, page 43

If we can release many of the judgments and human fears that color our understanding. It allows us the freedom to explore, and examine possibilities, such as the true nature of human reality. Quantum physicist's hypothesis that the Universe is holographic in nature and everything is connected within this matrix.. If that is the case we could discover we are all just souls playing different roles, in the same cosmic dance.

"Mum, we are the aliens."

Jena, (8). Western Australia

Note: The human abduction: MILAB.

Trauma originated from the Military pseudo abductions (MILAB)

Dr Helmet Lammer, author of MILAB and Dr Steven Greer (CSETI) both suggest 'traumatic' military orchestrated pseudo abductions could be as high as 80%. Sadly, MILAB abductions are an aspect of the phenomenon, little known to most of the public. Many researchers are unaware or dismiss the possibility of MILAB abductions, although research indicates it is one of the main origins of trauma. Human orchestrated 'Abductions,' are deliberately orchestrated to mislead the individuals into believing they are extraterrestrial in origin. MILABs programs use these abductions to gain information about extraterrestrial programs by interrogating the Experiencers. They mislead Experiencers into believing they are having a real extraterrestrial encounter. The individual is terrorized, occasionally raped; suffer emotional, psychological abuse, drugging and mind control. Some researchers are unaware of MILAB abductions, and interpret these abductions as a 'real' extraterrestrial encounter, or for reasons of their own, ignore data suggestive of it. Dr Lammer, states a number of high profile researchers do not acknowledge this aspect of the phenomenon despite having such data on files.

As an Australian Researcher I believe that the incidence of MILAB abductions is less prevalent in Australia. I have only come across a small percentage which indicates possible MILAB interference.

Mary Rodwell, RN .Principal of Australian Close Encounter Resource Network. (ACERN) Author of Awakening. International speaker, Counselor, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master.

Producer of Award winning DVD's Expressions of ET Contact a Visual Blueprint & Expressions of ET Contact, Communication and Healing Blueprint?

Producer of Meditation CD's


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By Mary Rodwell, Director, ACERN